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Goshen School Board Meeting Sept. 6

Recording of our last School Board meeting. Important information on the state of education in Goshen including our subject proficiencies.

Also, important information on the Desmos math pilot program at Goshen Schools. Desmos Studio is a Public Benefit Corporation promoting Marxist class/race conflict ideologies rather than promoting the view that all men are created of one blood - equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. From their website:


III. We want to disrupt systemic inequities and conditions of marginalization in education.

We have a responsibility to continuously learn about how systemic inequity is embedded in education and to use this knowledge to drive

our decision-making. As we learn and put our learning into practice, we share our work with the hope that others will listen, learn, and push us further.

As we do this work, we ask ourselves...

  • How might our work disrupt white supremacy and the oppressive results of dominant culture?

  • What underrepresented voices can we learn from and amplify?

  • How might we share our current thinking and get feedback?

  • How can we uphold our values when selecting partners and services?


Please note that they want to "disrupt...the oppressive results of dominant culture" while at the same time "upholding our values when selecting partners and services." In other words making their anti-American Marxist culture dominate to the destruction of American culture. This is not about ethnic equality, but about creating ethnic "racial" conflict for the purpose of Marxist ideological advancement in the instruction of our youth.



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