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Silencing a Board Member

At the last Goshen School Board meeting, I asked some questions the public and myself as a board member have a right to know after multiple previous meeting to ask the questions personally were cancelled.

The superintendent promised to get the answers to me, while refusing to answer them publicly. After the board meeting, another meeting was scheduled with the superintendent and board president. They refused to answer the questions because I wanted a record of it, and they abruptly ended the meeting and told me I could leave.

One of my concerns was that they would change the agenda to not allow board members to ask questions or make statements. Today, that change was made in the agenda announcement from the superintendent. Specifically: "Board officers have decided to change the end of the meetings with miscellaneous comments from the superintendent and then miscellaneous comments from the Board President. Bob and I will have an update on taxes. The Board President will then open and close the meeting." This takes away my ability to ask questions - which I do on behalf of the public and to make proper determination of how I will vote on future policy and even decisions on the superintendent. What are they trying to cover up? I have not done anything other than demand adherence to State Law and our board policy, and called attention to times the public was not being presented reality.

The children who are being educated in this school system, the parents that send their children, and the taxpayers of Goshen deserve to have integrity and honest dialog on the board. I believe this applies whether you are liberal, conservative, or moderate. Integrity and transparency help everyone.

What do you think of this action by our board officers (Roger Nafziger, President; Bradd Weddell, Vice President; Jose Elizalde, Secretary)?


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