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I Support the Pledge of Allegiance.

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Vote Ryan Glick for Goshen School Board District 1 on Nov. 8th.

I was sent the question, "Do you believe the school day should begin with the pledge of allegiance?"

This is America, a land of freedom under law for all people. All children, immigrant or home born, should be taught to be Americans who love their country, know its history - good and bad, and to love the US Constitution. I support the Pledge of Allegiance because it teaches honor for our nation's flag and I am thankful that our state has the pledge in our schools by code.

"In despotic governments, the people should have little or no education, except what tends to inspire them with a servile fear. Information is fatal to despotism.

"In monarchies, education should be partial, and adapted to the rank of each class of citizens. But "in a republican government," says the same writer, "the whole power of education is required." Here every class of people should know and love the laws. This knowledge should be diffused by means of schools and newspapers; and an attachment to the laws may be formed by early impressions upon the mind.

Two regulations are essential to the continuance of republican governments: 1. Such a distribution of lands and such principles of descent and alienation, as shall give every citizen a power of acquiring what his industry merits.1 2. Such a system of education as gives every citizen an opportunity of acquiring knowledge and fitting himself for places of trust. These are fundamental articles; the sine qua non of the existence of the American republics."

Noah Webster, On the Education of Youth in America 1788 SHOW LESS


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