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School Board Meeting Shows the Problem

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

On Monday evening, the school board meeting for Goshen Community Schools showed the problems we are facing, both with our education and our current school board. A 17-year-old student from Goshen High School told the board that she and other students were concerned about the slate of candidates running for school board. You can read a very slanted article about this exchange here: School board candidate receives backlash from students, staff. Miss Lauren proceeded to tell the board the things that students are concerned about, and in doing so showed the major problems we are facing and why our high school students should not be in charge of the school board. Rob Roeder, whom she opposed, wants to see real education back in the center of our school program, children protected from harmful teachings about race and sexuality, children protected from being sexualized, and our schools a place of decency and order. All things a normal parent should want for their children. But her view was that this is not what school kids care about.

“The last thing that [we] should be worried about is the contents of a book or a dress code,” she told them...“For some perspective, students on a daily basis have to consider the following: what is for lunch?” she said. “Will I be shot in school today? Why didn’t they text me back? Will I be hurt for who I am today? Do I have time to play video games? How can I afford to get into college or will I be enough for employers? Why am I telling you this?

“Students are concerned about a possibility of a future school board that does not focus on what is important to students and what we deal with on a daily basis — or worse yet, a board with a closed mindset that does not attempt to understand the complexities of student life.” - The Goshen News

The school board is to run a school to educate children and young adults. "When I became a man, I put away childish things." Lunch, texting, video games? What about education? Rob's position will make it easier for our seniors to go on to college because they will be better prepared. His positions will make our schools safer because there will be more order and discipline in the schools.

And yes, the contents of a book do matter. The same people that say that the books provided to our students should not matter - and go so far as to call us book banners - are more than happy to keep the Bible out of the schools. They are all for banning that Book, but leaving in the books that teach moral degradation. See my next post.

Vote Ryan Glick for Goshen School Board District 1 on Nov. 8th.


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