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Reports on School Board Related Items

One of my primary campaign issues was transparency. This page is dedicated to letting the public know and understand what is being done on and by the school board and/or the school admin and why I take particular positions. 

My Family: Selamawit and Leo
2nd Claim:

"Vibrant cities require strong schools. Strong schools require vibrant cities. Goshen is fortunate to have both."

This is a statement from 3 current members of the School Board. The truth:

ELA_Math Marked.jpg

Goshen Schools are below 30% proficiency in math and English Language Arts and have been getting worse for years. That is just the beginning of the issues that need to be dealt with. This is under the leadership of the current board including the authors of this mailer.  

3rd Claim:

Using guilt by association and endorsement, they claim my agenda includes "banning books." The truth is much more nuanced. If I came to school with a book teaching kids how to perform a school shooting or terrorist attack with instructions on how to make IEDs, would you support my book as an expression of free speech suitable to be given to young kids? Or as a decent human being, would you demand it not be presented as reading material and valid literature for students? I hope the latter! Or in other words, you are a "book banner." You and every normal person can recognize that just because someone wrote it, does not mean that kids should read it. And some books degrade the public morals and others promote them. The following video discusses this issue with one of the candidates in this mailer. 

So what do I not want in schools? Or more specifically, what did the current school board vote to allow in? What literature do they think is so good for these kids to read? Let's take a look at one book which has been referenced repeatedly by the Goshen News and at School Board meetings. Please note, I have redacted this for the purpose of not making my site seem like it is an adult site. Also, I am only pulling a quote from the middle of the book that I felt I could even safely reference. The book is much much worse in explicit pornographic descriptions: 


"Did Wren want to have s** with Charlie? Definitely. It was hard to talk about, that's all. Tessa had had s** for the first time when she was sixteen, and since then she'd had s** with two other boyfriends before P.G. And yes, Tessa and P.G. were now having s** ("And it is sooooo good," Tessa raved, which brought Tessa's count up to four. That was a lot of s**, Wren thought. "Have you at least touched his d*** yet?" Tessa said. Wren squeezed shut her eyes. "Tessa!" Oh my G**, Wren. That poor guy must have the worst case of b*** b**** ever.""Not helping, Tesseract," Wren said. She peeked at Tessa through half-opened lids. "I want to. I want to do everything. I just...don't know how." "Dude. Lady. You just do it!" Tessa said. She handed Wren a water bottle full of "special" lemonade. Enough lemonade to make it taste good, but definitely lots of "special." "Here," she said. "Drink." Wren obeyed. The late-afternoon sun felt wonderful on her skin. The sun plus the vodka in the lemonade, plus Tessa's questions... She thought of Charlie's strong chest. His forearms. His kind auburn eyes. She felt tingly, and she draped one foot off the hammock and pushed against the ground. "S** is a basic human drive, Wren," Tessa said. "And you know what else? It's fun, especially with the right guy."..... She took another swig of the lemonade for courage. "Yes, I want to have s** with Charlie. I even" -- she stopped breathing -- went on the pill." ....."Are you kidding? Wren! Yay!" -“The Infinite Moment of Us,” by Lauren Myracle, pgs. 153-155.


Is this what our school board is supposed to be giving to our students? Teens having s**? Multiple s**ual partners? Spiked drinks (maybe underage drinking-I did not check the specific age of these characters besides the reference to the one sleeping around starting at 16) to give you courage? The holy institution of s** relegated to a "basic human drive" that you do for "fun"? Why do our board members want this provided to our students and what benefit are they thinking this is?


My basic guideline is, state decency laws must be applied to schools. However, the bigger issue that I see here is that these books represent the beliefs of the School Board and Administration that wants them in. They have an overall agenda that involves the sexualization of education and that includes these types of materials that they believe are beneficial for students. This is reprehensible and morally degrading.    

4th Claim: 

"They (by inference, me) don't value diversity." My answer to that is look at my family photo above. In addition to my immediate family being of different ethnicities, my mother was born in India to missionary parents. My sister-in-law is Chinese, naturalized US Citizen. I live in a Hispanic neighborhood and they are some of my son's best friends. At best, these school board members and my opponent don't know what they are talking about and have no right to make these claims about me. 

5th Claim:

"We, on the other hand, are committed to ensuring all our students, regardless of birthplace, gender, ability or ethnicity feel welcome, safe, valued and supported. Our goal is for all our students to graduate well equipped for further education or workplace careers."


They have created a straw man with inflammatory language. This is fully true of myself also. However, if this is their goal, they have failed miserably. See the chart above showing the status of our education in Goshen Schools. Further, talk to the parents of victims of assault, the parents whose children don't tow the party leftist line, teachers, parents, community members who see drugs, violence, disorder, and disrespect in our schools. Are the schools safe for them? These are not minor problems. Have they gotten better in the last four years of this board? What good is saying you have a goal, unless you can at least acknowledge that what you have done so far has not worked or made it worse? 


I hereby ask for a public correction from Jose Elizalde,  Mario Garber, Andrea Johnson, and Roger Nafziger. Be open, be honest, and make this right. 

Finally, vote Ryan Glick for Goshen School Board, District 1 on or before November 8th. 

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