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The Truth about Ryan Glick and Allan Kauffman's posting of an article on Friday, Nov. 4th to his Facebook page. 

Note: See Part 1 of this saga here. See part 2 of this saga here.

On Friday, November 4th, Allan Kauffman posted an article on his facebook page originally posted in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. 

Written by

• Dr. Michael Shaffer, Associate Clinical Professor of Educational Leadership

• Dr. Jeff Swensson, retired School Superintendent and retired Assistant Professor of Ed Leadership.

In this article, it makes two statements that I would like to deal with. Rhonda Miller from Purple replied to the rest and she knows the organization much better. 

First: The article claims, "Here is our challenge:

1) Talk to school board candidates. If they are endorsed by or belong to a radical, far-right group like Purple for Parents, ask how this will impact their votes on school board issues.

2) Remember that endorsements carry paybacks. That demand for loyalty is what we call the Godfather Favor. Remember in “The Godfather” when Marlon Brando tells the person who wants assistance that his request is granted but that someday he would be asked for a favor in return?

Yeah, kind of like that."

Endorsements carry paybacks. If a person is giving paybacks, the indication is that they lack character. They are not going to do what is right no matter what.  That is what he is indicating about me. That I am beholden to someone else. So I want to turn the tables on Mr. Kauffman who has endorsed 4 candidates in the race for Goshen School Board. But he has not merely endorsed them: 

If a P4P endorsement beholdens me to paybacks to them, how much of a payback is Roger Nafzinger beholden to Allan Kaufman?

What about the other candidates who also received large sums of money from Allan? If what he posted about P4P is true, did he just try to buy the board? Here we have a board member trying to discredit me with these claims while doing far above and beyond anything that P4P did with their endorsement. I may be endorsed by P4P, but they didn't give me money. If that little endorsement equals paybacks, Allan Kauffman and his board of candidates are not fit for the school board and Allan should do the right thing and step down immediately.  


Second: The article claims: "How it is possible that mainstream people with good habits of thinking have been so taken in by Purple for Parents? Cultivation to believe a lie. It started with a little lie and grew into a bigger one." This seems very fitting for Allan to post since we have seen a continual promotion of falsehoods and misleading statements. He spread what surely looks like a maliciously stated falsehood about me, insinuated false things about me, feigned ignorance and impartiality in reference to the mailer when he was the author, said the money came from others but the campaign report says it came from him, said the test scores were low because of the pandemic, when they were dropping before. Looks like it started with a little one and grew to be a bigger one.


Over the course of this last week, it has become very clear what Allan Kauffman is about. He has covered up his involvement in public dissemination of false and misleading information and pretended to be an unbiased outside observer. He has been willing to make false and misleading statements repeatedly in public. His personal views have been expressed publicly, including morally reprehensible beliefs propagated by communists that include killing children as the key to social progress. He has pushed a woke agenda and advocated for that agenda on the school board along with candidates that support these abhorrent views. He has advocated against groups that are working for the betterment of education and the emotional and physical safety of children. He has defended the failing practices of the current board and tried to pass the blame on to ESL students and the pandemic when students and teachers are leaving GCS in alarming numbers clearly showing otherwise. I therefore believe it is safe to say that Allan Kauffman has no place being on the GSB and he should resign immediately . 


In my response to these actions by Allan Kauffman, and the 4 candidates who decided to join with him, including 3 current board members, I believe I have shown that I will stand only for the truth and not be brought under his control or sway. If I am elected to the Goshen School board, I will be standing for the protection of children against woke and immoral political agendas both from the outside and on the board while advocating for the best possible education and curriculum. I will do my best to promote a safe learning environment, work against gangs, drugs, bullying, and assault. I will work for a zero tolerance policy for these behaviors. I will work to promote attainable goals for Goshen Schools that will restore the dignity of our teachers, students and school name. I will work to support the good teachers in Goshen schools and provide for their freedom to come forward without fear to say what needs to be done and changed in the schools. I will work to get students and parents engaged together in the educational journey of our students. I will support good counselors with a proven track record of bringing students and schools to a better place for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our students. And on the board, I will not back down from the pursuit of the truth. I will not cower in the face of falsehoods. What is ugly will be brought into the light. I will bring honesty and transparency to the things the board is doing and I will not cover up or knowingly participate in wrong doing. 


This board needs a dramatic change. No candidate is perfect, but there are good candidates for school board. Vote Rob Roeder for District 3, Linda Hartman and Brian Krider for at Large, and Ryan Glick for District 1. Vote for those who will stand for truth.  

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