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Educational Excellence.

I will support excellence in education: that means supporting pay for the best teachers, supporting safety in the classroom from bullying, drugs, and sexual assault, and supporting curriculum that focuses on real education not radical ideologies. Phonics: We need phonics based reading programs for all students, excellent ESL for non native speakers, and a goal for all students to be proficient at their grade level. Our current proficiency results show that the status quo is not sufficient. We need to not just champion new ideas because new ideas are somehow better in peoples minds. We need to champion ideas that work and phonics works. Mathematics: We need to provide a more personalized approach to mathematics that enables students to be moved to a better place in their mathematics comprehension, rather than pulling others down, holding them back, or lowering standards. Providing a better balance of personalized vs group instruction and removing non-necessary ideological agendas from mathematics will enable children to not only be focused better but also understand the practicality of what they are learning more effectively. Literature: There is plethora of solid and beneficial literature for students. I will support the protection of children from literature that would be unlawful to provide in a normal context, such as pornographic materials. If it can't be spoken about publicly in a school board meeting, it shouldn't be in the classroom. I will also work to make all materials provided to your children freely available for you to see and review. Time: Schools are damaging students, wasting resources, and detracting from real education by involvement in ideologies that children do not need to learn at school including comprehensive sex education, gender and racial ideologies through the likes of SEL and CRT, and activist principles. I will support returning classroom time to reading, writing, arithmetic, history and civics and removing detrimental and distracting teachings from the classroom.


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