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Today is Election Day!

Wow, it has been a crazy last week. As I am sure you know, on October 29th, a mailer was delivered across the city of Goshen with support for 3 board members and the mother of a fourth, written and funded by a fifth - Allan Kauffman. We have found hidden involvement, hidden donors, and a concerted attempt to lie and spread false information about 3 of the candidates on today's ballot, including myself. You can read the story at Truth1, Truth2 and Truth3. Also some notes on laws that may have been broken with the financing shenanigans are here.

But today we vote for the truth. Today we say no to the corruption, and yes to real education. Today we vote for school safety and the transformation of our educational priorities, for the educational advancement of all our students, both native English and ESL.

My Pledge to District 1:

If I am elected to the Goshen School board, I will be standing for the protection of children against woke and immoral political agendas both from the outside and on the board while advocating for the best possible education and curriculum.

I will do my best to promote a safe learning environment, work against gangs, drugs, bullying, and assault. I will work for a zero tolerance policy for these behaviors. Public schools are not babysitters. Public schools are not a place for violent offenders to act out with impunity. Pubic schools must be safe and it is our duty as adults to provide that safety for children to the best of our ability.

I will work to promote attainable goals for Goshen Schools that will restore the dignity of our teachers, students and school name.

I will work to support the good teachers in Goshen schools and provide for their freedom to come forward without fear to say what needs to be done and changed in the schools. I will work to promote policies that reestablish respect for them and their authority in the classroom.

I will work to get students and parents engaged together in the educational journey of our students.

I will support good counselors with a proven track record of bringing students and schools to a better place for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our students.

And on the board, I will not back down from the pursuit of the truth. I will not cower in the face of falsehoods. What is ugly will be brought into the light. I will bring honesty and transparency to the things the board is doing and I will not cover up or knowingly participate in wrong doing.

This board needs a dramatic change. No candidate is perfect, but there are good candidates for school board. Vote Rob Roeder for District 3, Linda Hartman and Brian Krider for at Large, and Ryan Glick for District 1. Vote for those who will stand for truth.


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